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This World Is Getting Harder To Survive In

There have always been plagues along with other catastrophes in the history of the earth, which have destroyed humanity. Whether man induced or not, countless people have died as an outcome of devastating events. All of them made a mark on history. These days is not any different. The 2 most damaging scenarios presently crippling the capability of civilizations to extend the human experience are both man made. For a long time the scientific community has warned about the damaging consequences that CO2 emissions are having on the environment. The powers that be have disregarded these warnings, and continue doing so. Consequently, our world is in serious debt as a species of human beings.

In the last fifty years, mankind has witnessed the dramatic effects of our failure to clear ourselves of the fuels which drove the next industrial revolution. For many years, we’ve had the availability and the technology to usher in green renewable energy for more than 90 % of our power needs, but the power structures of the worlds governments have failed in each aspect of changing our fundamental energy policies and requirements.

Today we are living in a world where life is stripped of all of the pleasures which once made our lives simple. Of course, a lot of the technological wonders of these days have eased several of humanities burdens. Yet a lot of people around the globe have yet to reap the benefits of what man has produced. Accountability must be established with the development of technology. Thus the power elite continues to be unaccountable for more than fifty years for not implementing renewable sources of energy to meet up with our energy needs.

Due to the planet warming many of the planet warming a lot of the crises which are sweeping the planet are a direct result of governments inability to act. The risks of climate change can be apparent particularly the growing dangers of infectious diseases as well as viruses which have been allowed to infect millions around the world. Until governments choose to put into action green power as the main source of energy for tomorrow and today, the environment has been and will be favorable to the spread of lethal diseases and viruses.

The Covid 19 epidemic is a consequence of climate change. Other catastrophes consist of famine, devastating flooding, debt, much more damaging hurricanes, along with various other natural catastrophes. These are taking place with increased intensity and far more often. All of them have made the world more hostile and volatile. The lives & livelihoods lost because of governments failure to get ready for a worldwide epidemic, which by the way that was unavoidable, since the serious effects of climate change is completely unconscionable.

The government’s actions have been completely indefensible considering Operation Warp Speed was in producing a vaccine for this Covid19 disease. This so – called vaccine became an attack on our fundamental freedoms and liberties engraved by the Bill of Rights and our own Constitution.

Rather than creating a real vaccine, the Pharmaceutical industry has created an experimental, fairly new chemical compound to inoculate the population. This is accomplished to fight the spread of the extremely infectious virus and its subsequent mutations. Creating vaccines entails including a live virus, not a man-made compound like mRNA, and that is what is in the vaccines these days. The rush to create this mRNA vaccine has developed remarkable effects which has led the authorities to strip the general public of the capability to defer this mRNA vaccine with all the capability to incorporate natural immunity to guard against disease.

What’s taking place in the United states right now is a significant divide which has just intensified the deep divides that have taken hold of the US. We notice the results daily. The all powerful Pharmaceutical industry has now dismissed the damaging consequences which now are being incurred by a huge number of people who’ve actually used the mandates imposed on them by so many companies, the healthcare complex as well as our very own government. Because all of them have turned a blind eye to what’s really taking place.

The influence of cash has invaded the very halls of the government, the Pharmaceutical industry, and a lot in the healthcare field. They’re all meant to safeguard the public, but they have failed to distinguish fact from fiction about precisely what a vaccine does when compared with an artificial compound which is practically untested. And it is currently proven non – effective in curtailing this Covid 19 virus, has brought on significant negative health issues, several of which are life threatening, and has pitted the public against each other.

It is a fact that’s been proven again and again that natural immunity will be the most effective option. The reason for climate change are infectious diseases, together with the world’s most terrible catastrophes. And therefore, till we comprehend what we’ve and are doing with an experimental drug which is currently recognized to have such a significant rise in negative reactions as well as deaths, this nation is now on the verge of the rise and mass hysteria of a tyrannical government.